Tim Fuller´s Wild-scape Photo Exhibitions

A Brief Summary of Recent Exhibitions

Rheged Poster

Land of the Rheged and Beyond


2018 Shared exhibition in Whithorn Visitor Centre and Castle Douglas Gallery


For centuries creativity has sprung from the fables and enigmas of the ancient Kingdom of Rheged. Painter Sheena McCurrach and Photographier Tim Fuller come together to explore the majesty and mystery of our cross-border Kingdom and distant lands today, here and there evoking tomorrow too.


There is some debate over the actual location of the 5th-6th century Kingdom of Rheged but we like to believe the BBC news article of 19/1/2017 on recent archealogical work part of which states "Ronan Toolis led the excavation works at Trusty's Hill Fort at Gatehouse of Fleet. It unearthed evidence that it might have been the royal seat of the sixth century kingdom of Rheged. Mr Toolis said it was "pre-eminent among the kingdoms of the north" at that time...."The new archaeological evidence from Trusty's Hill enhances our perception of power, politics, economy and culture at a time when the foundations for the kingdoms of Scotland, England and Wales were being laid," he said. "The 2012 excavations show that Trusty's Hill was likely the royal seat of Rheged, a kingdom that had Galloway as its heartland.


"This was a place of religious, cultural and political innovation whose contribution to culture in Scotland has perhaps not been given due recognition." Both Sheena and Tim draw upon the historical background and landscape. This is mainly either moor, rocky limestone upland, deserted beaches, or undulating lowland pastures which serves as inspiration for their work, often reflecting the juxtaposition between the past and present.


In sharing this collection of pictures and images we hope that the viewer will be inspired and maybe even make a purchase too.


Link to a selection of the images shown in the exhibition

Timeframes Poster

Time Frames


2017 Solo exhibition in Kirkcudbright Tollbooth Gallery


”Wherever we look, whatever we photograph, we freeze a moment in time, a collection of captured objects. But each glance, each image, reveals elements of the past. On my travels I’ve been drawn towards images which indicate a juxtaposition – maybe a conflict – between past and present. In sharing these images, I hope the viewer will find they evoke a future too.”

Castle Douglas Poster

Celebrate The Seasons


2017 Shared exhibition in Castle Douglas Gallery


”Journey through the year with us as we delight in representing the Natural World and enjoying the beauties of our seasons. The work is in traditional and contemporary styles using a wide range of media”

Autumn Leaves

All Things Bright and Beautiful


2016 Shared exhibition in Castle Douglas Gallery


”A selection of images showing scenes and landscapes around the area”

Cawfields Quarry

Wild-scape Images of Northern England


2013 Shared Exhibition Morpeth


”A selection of images showing Wild-scape images in Northern England”

Stone Wall

Wild-scape Images of Southern Scotland and Northern England


2012 Shared Exhibition Left Bank Gallery Kirkcudbright


”A selection of images showing Wild-scape images from Southern Scotland and Northern England”